Philips Hue Lights for the best wireless personalized lighting experience

Lights are quintessential parts of our home. Imagine one day without light? Home automation is taking the experience of light at home to next level, to smart level through smart lights. And if you are planning to build a smart home, smart lights can be your first step to it. Here is a descriptive detail about smart lights and its usage.

What are smart lights?

Smart Lights are internet governed lights that allow you to control, customize, and schedule the working of lights at your home remotely. These lights can be integrated with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or, any proprietary connection and can be controlled through a mobile application that is programmed to change the output of smart lights in a specific manner. Additionally, the smart lights are also supplemented with features like built-in cameras, built-in speakers, human-sensing capability etc.Many smart lights are so programmed, that you can control brightness as well as RBG color and create your own scenes by using the app.

Why smart lights?

Smart lights are like next generation of lights, which are energy–efficient and convenient. The have longer life compared to regular LEDs and most importantly easy to organize. You can also monitor and track the energy consumption of these lights. Though it is need driven, smart lights are gradually becoming indispensable part of home automation.

Which smart lights are right for you?

Since the consumers are aggressively looking for the energy-efficient smart light bulbs, the market players of this segment have developed more of these lights to lock the consumers into this new ecosystem of smartphone-controlled smart lights. But all these bulbs are neither created equally, nor have sufficient amount of corresponding software. This list of smart lights includes Philips Hue, Connected Cree LED Bulbs, and Osram Lightify etc.

I will share a quick feedback of these three that will help you make a wiser choice.

-Philips Hue: This is one of the best developed smart lights, aesthetically appealing with appropriate quantity of illumination on offer. Though the lights are priced a bit higher, the experience on offer is worth every single penny. One can experience the joy of these lights through the connected app. Although Philips has its own app, I would recommend trying Hue Hello (For Philips Hue Light). Hue Hello (For Philips Hue Light) is an easy to use platform with plethora of customisation options. Buy Here- **UK, US, Canada, **Germany

Philips Hue Lights

-Connected Cree LED Bulbs: It is cheapest of the lost and comes with wide range of control options and doesn’t need a starter kit. But unlike the usual Cree LEDs, the Connected Cree Led Bulbs don’t dim very well on the dimmer switches. It doesn’t need any starter kit but the energy efficiency is less compared to the other two. Although the aesthetics are not appealing but they are not that bad either, if you are looking something comfortable for pocket you can buy them here- **US, UK, Canada, **Germany

Cree Connected Lights

-Osram Lightify: It has the most affordable started kit and comes with color-temperature controls. These are most energy efficient of the lot, but do not come with a connecting platform or app which reduces the joy of having smart lights.But if you like to go easy you can buy them here- **US, UK, Canada, **Germany

Osram Lightify

-Lifx: This is another excellent range of bulbs, but the price is not justifiable as per the product. It comes with many colors and throws enough to lighten the darkest of places. Also, the connecting process to the Home Kit is also a little more confusing. But give the price, you can get similar quality lights at cheaper price.Buy Here- **US, UK, Canada, **Germany

Lifx Lights

Since, Philips Hue has a smarter experience on offer, here are how bouts about the Philips Hue lights.

Where should you buy the smart lights?

You can easily find these lights on amazon. It is likely that you might fetch a smart deal when you are buying them online here UK, US, Canada, Germany

How you use Philips Hue Lights?

To use the Philips Hue, at first, you have to connect the Hue Bridge to your wi-fi via internet. This is an added benefit because, since your smart lights are physically connected to your router, your entire Hue system is unlikely to go down. In case you currently don’t own the hue bridge, you can connect the lights directly to the Amazon Echo Plus without the bridge. The bridge will be needed if you wish to use additional features like lighting scenes and third-party features. If you are new to Philips Hue lights, a starter kit is the best way to begin with.

Starter Kit

Which mobile app is best for Philips Hue Lights?

As already talked about, Hue Hello ( For Philips Hue Lights) is an amazing app, that offers personalized experience with several customization options. You must download the app and feel the difference.Stay tuned for more updates

Hue Says Hello! Hue Hello (For Philips Hue Light)

Buy Lights on amazon here UK,

US, Canada, Germany

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