Catch the latest 2018 home automation and smart home trends here!


Smart Humans to Smart Phones, it was a journey indeed! In this expeditiously advancing world, technology has left no stone un-turned to awestruck the mankind, and the funny part is, the astonishing technology is nothing but brainchild of mankind itself. Today when every solution is just a click away, and user experience is continuously evolving in every sector, we cannot neglect the user experience at homes. The latest home automation trends enable your house to do everything it can to please and relax you.

According to Statista, the “Home Automation”, for US residents, is primarily about good connectivity **followed by comfort and lighting**. The market volume for “Smart Homes”/ “Home Automation” is around US$18,877m (as in 2018) and United States is the market leader. While the world is getting trendy and smart with all the smart home devices, we have gathered some top home automation trend here for you

1. Smart Lights for Smart Homes

There is plethora of LED Smart lights in the market that offer a mix of colors and effects that you can control remotely. Additionally, LEDs have a much longer life than other types of lights and also consume less energy. Hue lights are one of the latest ranges which are supported by exciting personalisation options. Philips Hue lights come with huge range of options and can also integrate with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit (among many other smart home platforms) so you can use your voice to change the lights. An app, HueHello (for Philips Hue Lights) simplifies your experience with its easy to use features combined with exclusivity to design your own scenes. You can explore the range of Philips Hue Lights here as per country: **USA , U.K , Germany and Canada.**

2. Smart Energy monitoring systems

This system will be loved by most of you. It’s amazing to get real-time feedback about the energy consumption of individual household appliances. This growing trend in smart home automation enables monitoring home electricity unit consumption which also creates awareness among family. Various sensors employed can alert about usage of each and every family member from different applications or devices in rooms and send this information to a mobile application. You can check few products here as per country USA, **U.K, Germany and **Canada.

3. Smart Voice recognition and activation

Voice based activations systems are on roll. In context to home automation, people largely use this for home security but its application to other household appliances in growing rapidly. Voice based activation systems help you control lights, temperature with your voice as long as you are authorized and recognized to do so by the system. You can check few products as per country USA, **U.K, Germany and **Canada.

4. Smart Kitchens

From Wi-Fi ovens to smart refrigerators, smart kitchens allow you to manage cooking, food and dietary requirements, easily and seamlessly. Many smart refrigerators come with features including food tracking, family schedule management, and recipe recommendations as well as cooking reminders. You can check few products as per country USA, **U.K, Germany and **Canada.

5. Smart Home is becoming Smart Personalization

In rapidly changing world, artificial intelligence is playing a huge role in the world of home automation. It is the key ingredient in turning homes to smart homes. For example, smart bulbs can read the behavior of user and automatically turn lights on/off as per schedule. These bulbs turn lights if you have a visitor at home. In the coming years home automation will be aimed at improving energy consumption/efficiency at your home, ultimately helping you lead healthy lives.

You can explore the range of Philips Hue Lights and other smart home items here as per country: **USA , U.K , Germany and Canada.**

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