Top 6 reasons why Hue Hello (For Philips Hue Lights) is the best hue app for Philips hue lights!

From quite a time we have been talking about Philips Hue Lights and why it is the best ever! But do you kwon about the best hue app for the best hue lights?

The Internet of things has come a long way! Philips Hue Lights is a one of the thousand examples where IoT is doing wonders. Philips Hue Light is a smart lighting system that allows you to control the Philips hue light via mobile app through Wi-Fi. The Philips Hue Lighting system allows you to set perfect lighting proportions for the variety of activities that you do. There are plenty of mobile apps that allow you to control the hue lights, and Hue Hello (For Philips) mobile app available of Google play store enhances your experience with Philips Hue Lights.

Out of so many reasons, here are top 5 reasons why you should get Hue Hello for your Philips Hue Lights

1. User-Friendly Interface

Ever encountered a situation where you don’t understand how to use the app? I have experienced that a lot!! But when it comes to lighting Hue Hello (For Philips Hue lights) is one stop choice for all my lighting needs. It is easy to use, and very colorful and interactive.

2. Scheduling and Alarm

Now your lights have schedule too! In other words, you get to automate your lights. The Hue Hello (For Philips Hue lights) allows you to set alarm or timer for plethora of activities you do in a day. The lights remind you when you need to Wake up, when you have to sleep, when you have to cook and much more!!

3. Custom/Preset Scenes

The Hue Hello (For Philips Hue lights) is amazing also due to the variety of scenes it offers. The preset scenes are indeed amazing which not only enrich your lights experience but also to improve efficiency of your household lights. And, you can create custom scenes too! The app has 24+ lovely home scenes and a scene palette of more than 800 scenes with customization what is next level altogether! And the shuffle option gives you a refreshing lighting every time. With infinite possibilities of customization you can also set many animated and living scenes which add to the value of experience you get from Hue Lights.

4. App Shortcuts

With one tap you can control your lights. The app has quick tiles for Android 7 and above which allows you to control lights without opening up app. How cool is that? It has 12+ widgets and you can control the app without actually opening it. The shortcut feature allows you to use the app like a remote control.

5. Fader

No one likes to goto bed in dark and no one likes to wake up with bright light. This app allows you to turn on lights with fade-in OR turn off lights with fade-out. I swear, I use this daily. Once you taste it, you too will use.

6. App Themes

Everyone has a favourite colour and we understand it. Why not use your favourite colour to theme HueHello and enjoy it even better. From light to dark, we got your covered. Checkout app for our fantastic collection of themes.

Bonus — Ad Free

Oh I love this one the most! ;)

Ad-free experience is very important because in this fast moving world, we are so much used to everything at fingertips the ads are always there to screw user experience. Thanks this app Hue Hello (For Philips Hue lights), for the ad-free experience and flawless experience.

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