Turning lights on/off with phone is a good utility. However Philips Hue lights can do a lot more than that. Let us walk you through how.


A scene is a collection of lights set in different colours and brightness which offers you a pleasant aura in your home. Let us show you one image:

Stock photo From Pexels.com

This is a natural scene with various shades of green and shadows. With Huehello you can set a scene in your living room and make it come alive. Setting a scene is very easy on hue hello, Here we will show you how to set a scene and how to use shuffle feature.

Shuffle Scene

Shuffle scene offers you unlimited possibilities. Let us explain with an example.

Suppose you have a group with 3 lights.
You set a scene which has 8 shades (colour and brightness)

Because you have 3 lights, you can get maximum 3 shades in normal scene. Interesting part is shuffle of a scene. Everytime you tap on shuffle icon. You shuffle all shades. For randomly 3 shades will be chosen for your 3 lights. Mathematically, you can get 336 shades with 3 lights.

For 1st light, we have 8 options and we will choose 1 randomly.
For 2nd light, we have 7 options and we will choose 1 randomly.
For 3rd light, we have 6 options and we will choose 1 randomly.

8 * 7 * 6 == 336

This is how shuffle scene is one of the unique and best feature of HueHello. Here is a short video of 30 seconds on how to use shuffle feature.

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