Turning lights on/off with phone is a good utility. However Philips Hue lights can do a lot more than that. Let us walk you through how.


A scene is a collection of lights set in different colours and brightness which offers you a pleasant aura in your home.

Animated Scene

Animated scene is a unique feature in HueHello. As its name says, you can animate a scene in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you desire. In plain words animated scene is a scene with light effects playing with some time gap. Once again, we have made it very simple for you to start animated scene. Not only that, we have given you full control and lot of customisations so you can enjoy your lights as you desire. — layout: post title: How to use Animated Scenes in HueHello subtitle: Animate lights and create aura you desire download_app: true categories: [huehello] —

Our users are using animates scenes for day to day use cases and they are making their special time more special. Users are using animated scenes for parties, dinner time, romantic dates, bash with friends and lot more.

Here is a quick video to explain how to use animated scene feature of hue hello.


  1. Choose Group
  2. Choose Scene
  3. Customise scene : Speed and Effect
  4. Play

Here is quick 40 seconds Video to explain :

Let us know how do you use Animated Scenes.

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