We all know how tiring it is make children sleep on time. Recently I was reading a book on topic ‘Habit’.

One key point from the book is Habit is three step loop. A cue, An action followed by Result. I own Philips Hue lights and I thought to experiment to cultivate Habit loop so my children can sleep on time.

Remember, It is not a magic wind. Habits take time to settle.

I used ‘Hue Hello’ app with my ‘Philips Hue’ lights. There is a Multiple Schedule feature in app.

I created 3 schedules under multi schedule and named it Children sleep time. It is very easy to create and set.

Schedule 1. Trigger at 9:30 PM, Start animated scene in Living room and Kids room and blink lights with rainbow scene and 50% brightness. This served as Cue and I told my children every-time light blinks at this time, it means this is their bed time.

Schedule 2. Trigger at 9:32 PM, Set a soothing cold white shade (Hue Hello has preset moods). This serves as cue they have to goto bed now. Children take **action **and goto bed.

Schedule 3. Trigger at 9:35 PM. Set a low brightness scene and fade out in 15 minutes so lights can turn off before they fly in dream world. The result is children going to sleep and fading of light ensures a good sleep.

If you try this technique OR use multi schedule for some other use case, share with others.

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