Imagine two scenarios; Scenario 1: You are in bed and you turn off lights and they go instant off leaving you in sudden dark. Scenario 2: You are in bed and you order lights to fade-out and turn off in 15, 20 minutes and they gradually fade to off. Which scenario sounds comfort?

We at HueHello believe in users satisfaction. If you have a use case, we are here to solve it. Recently we received a request from one of our user to allow lights to fade-in OR fade-out than instant off.

She wanted to set the light brightness to 20% and turn off lights in 15 minutes gradually so she can goto bed. She mentioned to fade-in lights to turn on so her children can wake up slowly with light and feel fresh.

Our solution: Group fader, we added a simple to operate feature which you can start on one tap. Not only that, it is smart enough to preserve your last settings so you don’t need to pick your scene and timing every time. Here is quick video explainer.

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