What is HueHello?
- It is one of the most popular app for Philips hue. It offers Friendly user interface, Widgets, Quick tiles, App shortcuts, Custom Scenes, Preset Scenes, Music sync, Animated scenes, Light Alarm, Routines, Accessories support and more.

Why do we need location Permission?
- We need the WiFi name so we can reconnect to the network when you come home. From Android 8, location permission is needed to read the wifi name.

Widget does not reconnect when I come home
- Please ensure location permission is provided to the app. If it is already provided, disable it and open HueHello. Goto Smart Notification -> click on Location permission and allow permission. It should work.

Animated scene stops after sometime
It can happen when Android kills our app when running in background. Kindly remove the app from Battery optimisation and try. You can try from Hue Hello OR from phone settings: Open HueHello -> Settings-> Info and Help -> Battery Optimisation. Select HueHello from the list -> Do not Optimise

Is it free or paid?
- A lot of features are free, and few features come up with trial. Please understand App development costs money.

Why shall I become pro?
- You can support the app development by becoming a pro user. We use the money to develop and support app.

I love it. How can I pay more?
- You can donate more money. Goto Settings -> HueHello Settings -> Donate

I paid but pro is not activated
In rare scenarios, we do not get update from Google about your payment status. If you are sure money is deducted, please kill app and restart OR restart the phone to restore the pro state.

Can I use my Pro app in multiple devices?
Google takes care of the Payment when you become pro. Your pro is associated with the google account of your phone. If you want to use Pro in multiple devices, please ensure you have same Google primary account in all the devices.

Can I share Pro state with my Family?
We encourage you to become pro and support development of this awesome app. But if you want to share the pro state with your family member, pro members can fill a form from inside the app and request a FREE code for family.

Some error occured while programming accessory?
Sometimes when you program an Hue accessory, you might face some error. It can happen because of various reasons. No space in the Bridge is one primary reason.
You can share the error with us by going to Settings -> HueHello Settings -> Feedback ->Error and we will try to solve.