Smart lights are fun, Philips Hue lights are the leader in smart light ecosystem.

With HueHello we thought to make smart lights smarter. After a long day at office you come home and you want your light to set at a specific settings as per your mood. If you are feeling tired, your normal lights with full brightness is not a very good place to stay. We listened to our users and made a very easy way to set light colour and brightness as per your mood.

You want to relax, we have a preset light setting for you. You want to concentrate and finish that project, we have another preset setting for you. You are feeling lazy and just want your bed, we have something for you. Whatever your mood is, we have got you covered.

Not only Light mood feature is fun, we tried our best to make it very simple to use. One tap and you are done. Here is a quick 20 seconds video to explain.

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