Do you like your smart lights? If yes, you will love Tasker HueHello. With this app, you can automate smart lights. You can configure lights to react when an event happens like wifi, SMS, WhatsApp, battery and many more. Here are a few events we support:

  • Wifi Connection (Welcome Home)
  • NFC (Tap and react)
  • Call: Configure different reaction from different callers at a different time
  • Shake your phone to turn lights on and off, it is fun :)
  • SMS: for important messages
  • Never miss important notifications, configure lights to react with notification text
  • Let the lights remind when the phone battery is running low OR automatic turn off lights when you put the phone on charge

Not only that, There are unlimited possibilities with our automation feature. You can configure lights with any events using the broadcast mechanism of Android. Many apps like Tasker, Automation support broadcast.

Let’s make smart lights smarter :)

We recommend contacting us for any concern or feedback. Our email is

Warning: To use Tasker Huehello you must own or have access to a Philips Hue Controller with at least one hue bulb. Don’t buy this App if you do not know what Philips Hue is.

See for more information.

It is a plugin for HueHello. You must install HueHello also along with it.