This app is designed with care and features are added as per user requests. More than 98% of our users are satisfied. Quick summary of features: Friendly user interface, Widgets, Quick tiles, App shortcuts, Custom Scenes, Preset Scenes, Light Alarm, Routines and more to come


  • Home switch, Control complete home with one button
  • Hue Widget, Notification and Quick tile
  • Configure Hue Dimmer switch with one tap
  • 7 App themes
  • Control lights out of home with Philips account
  • Smart Notification
  • Ad-free, experience matters


This hue app comes with few preset of scenes to enrich your lights experience like a Hue pro. Yes, you can create custom scene.

  • Create Custom scenes and let your creativity fly
  • 24 scenes for your lovely home
  • 800+ scene color palette, the ultimate level customisation
  • Shuffle scene lights and get fresh ambiance everytime
  • Set multiple scenes in one group
  • Set the same scene in multiple groups
  • Living Scene / Animated Scene : Unlimited possibilities in your rooms with scene effects

One tap features - Save Time :

  • Quick tiles for Android 7 and above, Control lights without opening up app
  • Create Shortcut inside app and use your app like hue remote control
  • 12 Hue Widgets for hue lights, No need to open app

Schedule and Routine

  • Automate your life with lights
  • Set alarm or timer and let your lights remind you, example: Cooking, Wake up, Seeping, Shower

Plugin Support

HueHello is not just an app, it is a platform for Philips Hue lights. We support following plugins as of now:

  • Tasker (Automate your life with lights)
  • Config (Know inside of philips bridge)
  • Scary (Scary sound with light)
  • Gallery (Immersive experience of watching your photos with lights)
  • Meditate (Let light help you calm down)

Requirements • Philips Hue bridge • Philips Hue lights • Wi-Fi network • Android 5.0+

Language Support • English and German • More languages coming soon, contact us for any question

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