Hi there, My name is Gaurav Khanna. I am passionate about a few things in life and not at all interested in lot more.

Professional life

  • Android Engineer - Yuppp.. I develop apps and I love it
  • Product Engineer - Startups + Create meaningful stuff
  • User Experience Verifier - I believe I have a good eye for user experience
  • Trainer - Did I mention I was a teacher/trainer once and I like teaching
  • DDD - ‘Data driven development’ We trust in God, rest everyone bring data
  • Tech enthusiast - from gadgets to software, whatever leads to automation. Now you know what sort of presents I like ;)
  • Web - I understand basics and can do POC. Have tried backend development and maintained AWS for one of my startup. Maintaining this blog myself.
  • StartUp - Worked in couple of startups and tried 2 of my own.

Personal life

  • Reader - I like reading (novels, blogs and tech stuff)
  • Novice writer - mmm.. I am trying
  • Traveller - Okay I am still a tourist and would like to become traveller
  • Adventure Sports - Hunger, hunger for adrenaline
  • Foodie - Who does not enjoy tasting good food!
  • Social Games - Card games, Darts, bowling, team bonding games! Count me in!
  • Pool/Snooker - A game I want to become expert in
  • Fitness enthusiast - Your body is the only place you live in, keep it clean
  • Favourite Colors - White, black, blue and 50 shades of gray
  • sshhhh… lets keep few things hidden

Social life

  • I am an Engineer

What else? Give me a buzz OR drop an email.